Pennsylvania Stats

                            FREE ENFORCER II WINDOW TINT METERS!

Laser Labs, Inc. is on a fact-finding mission and we need your help!

As is well known, approaching a car with excessive window tint puts officers in grave danger. To help understand how bad things are in Pennsylvania, we would like to send your department Free Enforcer II window tint meters in exchange for gathering statistics for 60 days. If officers gather some simple data for us for 60 days, the meters will be the departments to keep free of charge.

We are looking to find out what percentage tint is on cars in Pennsylvania and what other violations are found when your officers stop for excessive window tint violations.

We have set aside 1000 Enforcer II’s for this fact-gathering mission. You can have as many meters as you like, but please try to be fair to other departments as we only have a limited supply to donate. First come first served.

If you would like to participate please call us at 800-452-2344 or e-mail [email protected] We will ship Enforcer II Tint Meters and the surveys right away!

Tim Marcin