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NEW! Replaces the TM 100/Enforcer

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After 25 years building tint meters, we are introducing the NEW Enforcer II Tint Meter.  A third the size of the TM 100/Enforcer and a fifth the weight, the Enforcer II has the same features, auto-calibration, and proven accuracy of all Laser Labs, Inc. products.  It's the smallest, most robust tint meter on the market.

Created for the most demanding police use.  Designed and priced so every officer can have a tint meter in the patrol car.

Laser Labs Tint Meter Enforcer II Use Car Officer
Laser Labs Tint Meter Enforcer II Use Car Officer



Incorporated feedback from police officers

  • Smaller, lighter device
  • Same large display
  • Longer lasting battery
  • Smaller carrying case with reference samples included
  • Redesigned interior switch with protective foam




The Enforcer II works on roll down windows.  Just slide it down over the window and wait for the reading, which takes about four seconds to calculate.  Then lift it back off the window, and it shuts itself off automatically.  It's so simple, you can use it with one hand.

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Smaller, lighter, more durable

The Enforcer II fits in your pocket for easy, on the go use.  Yet it remains durable through falls, bumps, and drops.

The slot has fabric protection against window dirt and stray light.


Large display

The LCD display is the same large, readable size as that of the TM 100/Enforcer, which displays the numerical light transmittance value as well as error readings and low battery indicator.


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What's included

  • Two NIST traceable reference samples
  • User manual
  • Carrying case
  • Tint law card

Enforcer II Technology


New design, better technology, same functions

Three years in development from the most trusted brand name in tint meter technology, this is the next generation TM 100/Enforcer: the Enforcer II.  

It's smaller and lighter, yet just as durable, accurate, and fast as the original TM 100/Enforcer.

It's a third the size and a fifth the weight, so it easily fits in your pocket.  And its functionality and method of use is exactly the same as its predecessor.


LED source

Laser Labs, Inc tint meters use a light at 550nm to measure total light transmittance.

The bandwidth of 50nm spans the general range of visible color.


Measurement Range

The measurement reads out a value between 0% (opaque material such as cardboard) and 100% (pure air).

All Laser Labs, Inc tint meters are accurate within plus or minus 2% and are not affected by humidity.  They are reliable from 0º to 100º F, day or night.

Two NIST traceable reference samples are included with each meter.  The lighter sample is high transmittance (65% to 80%), and the darker sample is low transmittance (20% to 35%).



Multi-level circuit format

The smaller Enforcer II requires more carefully managed space.  The multi-level circuit format allows for a compact design.

Neoprene foam is also installed to help block stray light as well as clean debris from the window.

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The controls are run by a custom programmed microcomputer.  Surface mount components allow the Enforcer II to be smaller than any previous design.





The Enforcer II runs on a CR2032, 3V coin cell battery which is included, good for 1000 uses.  Purchase replacement batteries at your local hardware, convenience store or online.



Technical Specifications

Measurement range

Temperature range

Testing time

Effect of stray light

Power source




0% to 100%

0º to 100ºF (-18 to 38C)

4 seconds

Not affected

1 lithium CR2032, 3V battery (included)

2 oz. (60g)

3.75 x 1.75 x 1.00 in. (95 x 45 x 22mm)