Law Enforcement Information

A Tint Meter is an instrumental device for any police officer.  It is a good way to establish probable cause if a car’s windows appear too dark and below state or country limits. There have been many drug busts that resulted from an officer noticing a car with illegal tinted windows.  It works in a similar manner as to catching drivers driving over the speed limit or erratically.  If there is a car whose windows don’t allow you to see inside, chances are it has illegal tint, and maybe the driver has something to hide. The Enforcer II holds up in court.

Darkened windows can be dangerous for police officers and others.  If a car is speeding and gets pulled over, it can be difficult to tell who is inside if the windows are too dark for the sun or a flashlight to shine inside.  Even pets or small children could be stuck inside a quickly overheating car without anyone being able to notice.  Maintaining tint laws is important for officer and public safety.  The Enforcer II is the best choice of tint meter to have for tint law upkeep. It only requires one hand to operate which leaves your gun hand free.

Visit the Tint Laws page for state and international tint law information.