Inspector II – TM2000


2 piece Tint Meter for all windows

For police and inspection stations

 Replaces TM 200 and TM 400


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The newer, smaller Inspector II replaces the TM 200 and TM 400 for measuring the tint on windows that do not roll down.  The Inspector II Tint Meter has a two-piece design that allows you to sandwich the glass you are testing, which is ideal for inspection stations.

It can measure material as thin as a sheet of window film up to half an inch thick glass.  A magnet alignment mechanism and auto-calibration promote consistently accurate readings.  For hard to reach areas, a suction cup adheres the light source to the inside of the window.  Just like the TM 200 and TM 400, the Inspector II is not affected by ambient light and performs as accurately in the day as it does at night.

Each meter is equipped with two (2) N.I.S.T. traceable reference samples to verify its accuracy.

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